Police Clearance / No Criminal record guidance for China work permit

If you lived in China before, and want to get a China non-criminal record for your Australia green card (or some other country's green card application, for example, Canada, New Zealand, USA etc.) or some other use (Teaching or government job hurting, child adoption), you can click the " No Criminal Record " service at the right menu to get more details.

Following article is a guidance for the foreigner who want to apply the China work permit, and the requirement of their home country police clearance legalization.

10th May 2018 Updated - According to the government newest regulation, when you apply your China Foreigner's Work Permit (FWP), You need to provide an official police clearance certificate (PCC) / no criminal record (NCR) from your home country issued within 6 month (if you lived in third party country for over 1-year, then please provide the third party country’s PCC/NCR instead. China one does NOT count). After you get your country PCC/NCR, it must be legalized by any one of following authority before you use it here in China:

  • A: Legalized by Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your country
  • B: Legalized by your country Embassy or Consulate in China

Procedure of obtaining and legalizing the Police Clearance / No Criminal record

First of all, please check with any one of following authority in your country to get the basic PCC:
1: Your country Local Police Station
2: Your country Security Bureau
3: Your country Local Court
4: Your country Justice Bureau

After you get the basic PCC, then you can choose above way A or way B to legalize your basic PCC. if you are already inside of China, we suggest, Way B, that you can contact with your Consulate here in shanghai to see if they can help you to legalize you basic PCC/NCR (as our experience, most of country's consulate can do that for you, it called "True-Copy certify" service in the Consulate)

If your Consulate can not help you here in Shanghai or If you are outside of China, then please check the following light spot for Way A:

  • Sept 1: Send your basic PCC to a your country notary public for notarization (a True-Copy notarization is enough, but any kind of "affidavit" or "make a vow/swear/oath" can not be accepted). Tips: Most of the notary public also provide below 2-steps as well.
  • Step 2: Send the PCC, notarized by notaries, to the Legalization office of the Foreign Affairs Department in your country for legalizations.
  • Step 3: After completing the initial stage of notarization and legalization, submit the PCC to the Chinese embassy or consulates in your country for legalization.

Following are some CORRECT and WRONG samples of the police clearance certificate:



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