Registration Form Of Temporary Residence [ Click here to see the Sample ]

1st Nov 2019 - Now you can get your registration form of temporary residence online, no need to go to police station all the time. Online registration link:

When you arrive Shanghai, within 24 hours, you have to go to the local police station near your living space (if you are living in hotel, just go to the hotel reception, But don't forget to ask the hotel put their stamp on the form! ) to register your information in detail. It's easy and free. Then you can get this Registration Form. (As the policy of Shanghai immigration bureau, we strongly suggest you to register and get this form). and for those people who has already registered, if you meet with following situation, you have to register again:

For those people who has residence permit now (Purpose: work, study, family etc.), when you move to a new address or change a new passport number, you have to re-register.

For those people who has none residence permit now (L visa, M visa etc.), every time you leave China and re-enter, you have to re-register.

Notice: If you register yourself too late, maybe the police will charge you fine. Please notice as the regulation, the fine is from minimum 0RMB (warning) up to maximum 2000RMB.

Procedure and Paperwork of applying Registration Form Of Temporary Residence

Step1: Please bring the original rental contract and original passport to make a resident certificate in the property management center in your community (some police station need it, some doesn't, so please check with your local police station first)

Step2: Please bring following documents to the nearest police station to apply for the registration form of temporary resident:

  1. Original passport
  2. Residence certificate from property management center of your community (Depends).
  3. Original rental contract (if the house was rented by your company name, then an extra company statement is necessary)
  4. Copy of the landlord's ID card
  5. Copy of the landlord's certificate of Real Estate Ownership

How to find the correct police station where I need to do the registration?

You have to know which distrct you are living, and then call the branch office listed below to find out where is the nearest/correct police station for you to register.

Distrct Telephone
Pu Dong 021-50614567
Huang Pu 021-63280123
Lu Wan 021-53025110
Xu Hui 021-64868911
Chang Ning 021-62346234
Jin An 021-62588800
Pu Tuo 021-52809966
Zha Bei 021-63172110
Hong Kou 021-63242200
Yang Pu 021-65431000
Min Hang 021-64921800
Bao Shan 021-56608111
Jia Ding 021-59530585
Song Jiang 021-57823618
Jin Shan 021-67240800
Qing Pu 021-59729780
Feng Xian 021-57426071
Nan Hui 021-58021808
Chong Ming 021-59629440


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