Chinese Driver license service

Foreigner from any country who wants to drive in China must apply for a Chinese Driver License. International Driver Permit (IDP) and Oversea Driver License are not recognized by the Chinese goverment. Chinese Driving License are valid in mainland China only. Residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also need to apply for a Chinese Driving License to drive in mainland China.

Procedure of Getting The Chinese Driving License:

1. We will translate your foreign driver license in the government translation center.
2. We will accompany you to do a simple medical checkup for you in the traffic dept.
3. We will make an appointment for you for the shanghai traffic rule's written test. (We will provide a disc with all the questions and answers, it's about 900 questions, and also we will give you a mock test link, you can test yourself before to make sure you prepare well)
 4. We will accompany you for the test, if you can get 90+ scores in the exam. Then we will arrange the driver license for you at the same day.

For the Chinese driver license, we have following services:

D0. Hold any kind of 3 month valid visa now. Want to get 6 years Chinese Driver's License

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Paperwork list of China Driving License service

D0 Service: Hold any kind of 3 month valid visa now. Want to get 6 years Chinese Driver's License:

1. Valid Foreign Country Driver's License (International license is no useful)
2. Passport with >= 90 days stay visa (No matter where it issued at)
3. Shanghai Registration Form Of Temporary Residence( up to date ) [ Sample ]

Normal Service takes: 5-10 Working Days
Express Service takes: Call to confirm
Service Cost: This service is not available now.

From 1st Jan 2013, There are 900 questions and answers of our Shanghai traffic rules, we will provide you a DISC with all questions. Please read it and understand it. During the exam, the traffic police will random pickup 100 questions. if you can get 90+ scores in the exam, then you can pass and get the Local Driver's License.


So if you have any problem with your China Visa or any problem related to your China visas: PLEASE CONTACT

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