Procedures for Working Permit & Residence Permit Applications

From 1st April 2017, The new China work permit policy will divide the foreigner who works in China into 3 categories. Class A (Talent - encourage), Class B (Specialty - control), Class C (Normal - restrict). You have to reach at least Class B, and then we can apply your FWP and working residence permit (which is the necessary documents to work legally in Shanghai). Please click the following link to check:

Am I qualified for China work permit ? - Criteria of Class A & Class B

and then let your VisaInChina consultant know following answers by email:

  1. Which class (A or B1, B2, B3, B4, B5?) you belong to?
  2. Which type of China visa do you have it now or you are still outside of China?
  3. When your current visa expires if you are inside of China already?

Our consultant will email you back the checklist for your situation. If your current visa is longer enough (as our experience, still valid over 30 days after you submit all the documents to us) to wait for your FWP to be approved, then you are allowed to change your L or M visas into Z visa/residence permit in China without leaving.

From 23rd March 2017, the new “Foreign Work Permit” policy will start in Shanghai. Every company needs to register a new account in the new system. It takes at least 5 working days. To avoid any delay, please email to your consultant of VisaInChina for the introduction of new system registration (Your company can start to register now!)

Following are the Paperwork and Procedures in detail:

Paperwork and Procedures for applying China working visa

Employee needs to provide at beginning:

  1. Original Passport and valid visa (visa better still valid over 30 days)
  2. Resume (with Education and Working experience, from 18 years old till now, it should be continuously, and you need marked which country for every company belonged to)
  3. Original bachelors or higher diploma (make sure it’s diploma, not the degree transcript)
  4. If your university degree diploma is not issued in China, then an extra authentication copy of your diploma is necessary. [ Check the procedure and sample here ]
  5. Original reference letter from any foreign company to prove you have 2 years full-time working experience (after graduated) in your current industry and position
  6. Original official police clearance certificate (PCC) from your home country [ Check the procedure and sample here ]
  7. Original China HSK license (if you don’t have it, then please ignore it)
  8. Original health certificate [ Click here to book it online ]
  9. Digital photo (Pure White background, 390pixel Width *520pixel Height in computer, please email to us)

Company needs to provide at beginning:

  1. Company’s updated Business License copy (3 in 1 version) [ Sample ]
  2. Company Approval Certificate or Record certification copy (only for WOFE) [ Sample ]
  3. Original Employment Contract
  4. 1 request form that needs you and your employer to answer

For above documents if you have any confusion questions ( for example, you are not sure if the PCC or authenticated diploma which you already got work or not) , please email to us in check in advance.

Notice1: To start the application, please submit/express above documents to our office, for the passport, we will take a color scan copy and we can return back to you.
Notice2: If the application position is English teacher, he/she must come from native English speaking countries, and if he/she has bachelor diploma major is Education or have a TEFL or TESOL (over 120hrs in class study, online study does not count), then no need to provide list-5 reference letter of 2-years working experience. But the TEFL or TESOL needs to be authenticated your country notary public OR certified a photocopy in the country Consulate in Shanghai
Notice3: If you are the shareholder of the company (legally registered in the business license as a shareholder), and your company paying the tax and Chinese employee’s social insurance legally on time. Then even if you don’t have Bachelor degree or 2 years working experience or you are over 60 years old, you still can obtain the work permit and work visa will less paperwork. Please check with us if you are in this situation.

Procedure and Schedule below:
Step1. Prepare your working visa application (3-5 working days)
Step2. Contact your company to stamp above application (Depend on company)
Step3. We apply a Notification of Foreigner’s Work Permit (NFWP) (15 working days)
Step4. We apply 1-year working residence permit (7 working days)
Step5: We apply 1-year Foreigner’s Work Permit (FWP) (15 working days)
Cost below:
2600RMB (service fee) + government visa fee (pay according to the government receipt, around 800RMB) + translation fee (If your document is not in English, then extra government translation fee will be charged)

Friendly Notice:
If your visa will expire during the step 3, we can extend it for another 1 month for you, it will cost EXTRA 600RMB service fee + government fee (according the government receipt, US nationality is around 940RMB and the other country nationality is around 160RMB)


So if you have any problem with your China Visa or any problem related to your China visas: PLEASE CONTACT

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